Season Of The Witch

Schedule of Events

4:00 PM: 
Enjoy seasonal refreshments,  psychic consultations, 
and live music. Contribute to our community altar! 

7:00 PM:  
Paranormal Poetry Slam!

7:30 PM:
Underworld Couture Costume contest! 
Fabulous prizes awarded to the best dressed guests!

8:30 PM: 
Fire Circle Ritual
Guests are invited to bring drums and rattles! 
Time to raise energy and align ourselves with the energy of the Divine.

9:00 PM: 
All are welcome. Participants may wish to bringa memento or an offering for the dead.
9:30 PM:  
The Sacred Circle
Traditional Wiccan Ritual and Offerings for the Dead in which the Spiritual portal is opened and communication with the spirit world occurs!
10:30 PM: 
Post Ritual Pot Luck!

11:00 PM: 
Séance! Please pre register, space is limited.

12:00 AM: 
Merry Meet, Merry Part, Merry Meet Again!